Announcement on joint mining activity between MDEX.COM (BSC) and DeFi Warrior

MDEX.COM (BSC) is about to start joint mining activity with DeFi Warrior at 21:00 (UTC+8) on 10th Sep 2021. At the same time, MDEX will adjust the liquidity mining and trading mining weightage under the condition that the total rewards per block remain unchanged.

[1st release] All available PURE NFT Warriors were sold out!!!

Special thanks for the enthusiastic support of Dwers! All available Pure NFT warriors were sold out in a few minutes!

$FIWA listing on

We are thrilled to announce that $FIWA is now trading on a TOP 10 Exchange. This is step one of our liquidity deepening and broadening of the liquidity and popularity of $FIWA through listings with established and successful exchanges.

[IEO & IDO] DeFi Warrior launching IEO & Listing on, IDO on Poolz & Redkite

We are excited to announce $FIWA IDO on REDKITE & POOLZ, IEO & Listing on GATE.IO. After IEO & IDO, NFT Warriors will be available on DeFi Warrior NFT marketplace, using FIWA tokens.

Fantom COO Barek Sekandari joined DeFi Warrior as Strategic Advisor

DeFi Warrior has recently appointed Barek Sekandari as Strategic Advisor. Since his introduction in the cryptocurrency market, Barek has been an active advocate and contributor to projects like Fantom where he leads an important role of COO at Fantom Foundation.

DeFi Warrior Raised $2.3 Million to Bring the First Crypto Galaxy Game to Life

DeFi Warrior has successfully raised $2.3 million from notable investors, such as Signum Capital, Hyperchain Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures and others. The support from investors will help DeFi Warrior kick off the game – a unique world that deploys and leverages blockchain technology, where all of the products are fair, fun, and transparent.

Meet Our Team

The founding team includes industry professionals with different skills and experiences from the DeFi, crypto, blockchain world. Who have a strong passion for technology and game development, believes that they can provide participants with a unique crypto game.

Defi Warrior X DAOLaunch

We are excited to announce that DeFi Warrior has partnered with DAOLaunch — a truly innovation Launchpad platform run by Japanese in order to help us bring a new revolution into NFT Game

The Benefits of Defi x NFTs game

After the financial industry revolution, Defi technology is gradually entering the gaming industry. Defi is considered a potential tool in the gaming industry because of developing decentralized transaction services, reliable payment networks platform. With Defi, gamers can verify the rarity of their virtual items.