$Fiwa Token Smart Contract & Vesting Contract Were Successfully Audited By Hacken

Why smart contract audits are so important? This month marked a significant milestone for DeFi Warrior’s developer team — the successful audit of our smart contract for the $FIWA token by blockchain security specialists company Hacken.


In this 2nd release, we bring 6 special warriors: 🚀 Tier 2 🚀 Unique color & accessories 🚀 Accessories’s rarity: higher than 6 special warriors in the 1st release

How do DWers buy NFT Warriors for the 2nd release!

Now, there are around 3250 NFT Warriors ready for the 2nd sale, in which: 2,700 warriors are distributed via the “Warrior ticket” mechanism. (Stake 10.000FIWA to earn tickets). Warrior ticket is guaranteed a slot to buy a warrior.

DeFi Warrior NFT game and Kyber Collaborate to Optimize Liquidity for the $FIWA Token

DeFi Warrior has chosen the highly capital efficient KyberDMM DEX for its token liquidity on BSC, with $300,000 in $FIWA and $KNC liquidity mining rewards.

Founder & CEO of Damacrop Global Alexandre De Damas joins DeFi Warrior as Strategic Advisor

DeFi Warrior has recently appointed Alexandre de Damas as Strategic Advisor. His valuable experience in the field of investment and crypto will help the project development in the right direction.  

[DeFi Warrior] New Staking Features Open Now

DeFi Warrior will launch new NFT Warrior staking features at 9:10 UTC September 18th, 2021. DWers will be able to stake NFT Warrior + $FIWA / $CWIG to earn massive rewards.

Message from DeFi Warrior’s CEO- Mark Dao

Dear KOLs and DWERs, Thank you for your interest and support for DeFi Warrior since the day we launched. We would like to update the released functions and upcoming events of the DeFi Warrior as follows:

Join DeFi Warrior Testnet Bounty Campaign to share 500,000 $FIWA

Great chance to become the first players to enjoy the DeFi Warrior world! Our mission is to become the best DeFi x NFT gaming which is attractive, fun, and brings financial value for the players.

DeFi Warrior has successfully got achievements after IEO & IDO

We — Dwers — did a fascinating IDO & IEO, PURE NFT Warriors events. We arrived on the market with a bang allowing our community to participate in the IEO on and the IDO on PancakeSwap & KyberDMM on the same day. In this way, we tried to give an opportunity for more members […]