To avoid inflation and stabilize the earning & ROI mechanism, as previously announced, we will adjust as following: PvP: We want to create motivation for players to focus on PvP so we will change the reward


Our beloved DWERs, When you’re spending a lot of time in DeFi Warrior, we know that little quality improvements can have a big impact. So throughout the last time, our team takes time to gather feedback and build changes to enhance your experience.

NFT Lending in DeFi Warrior — Step-by-step instructions

Finally, DeFi Warrior users can maximize their profits by lending their Warriors to other members, which promises a lot of fun experience for the whole community.

Santa Claus is coming to DeFi Warrior

Snowflakes are coming! Are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree? You need to collect these below items to decorate your trees as soon as possible: Snowflakes: you gonna see beautiful dropping snowflakes when you win in PvP / Adventure mode and Mining (with a defined ratio).

DeFi Warrior: You will have fierce battles with World Bosses! Are you ready to defeat them?

A big WAR is coming, Brave Dwers, are you ready to confront? Two brand-new world bosses will appear: Fire Dragon (07:00 AM UTC) for all players (you don’t have to stake any) Ice Pluto (2:00 PM UTC) for players who have ticket (by staking FIWA)

DeFi Warrior Set to Launch Initial Warrior Offering (IWO) for Blockchain Projects

Initial Warrior Offering (IWO) is DeFi Warrior’s version of Initial Game Offering (IGO) — a type of crowdfunding that helps blockchain developers, especially those in the Play-to-Earn sector, to secure initial development funds for their projects. Through IGO, gamers are allowed to purchase the game assets of a project before it is finished.

DEX Launching: DeFi Warrior To Combine DEX with The Blockchain Game

Many benefits shall come from the LP tokens from the liquidity pools. These tokens are planned to enhance the players’ gaming experience. These LP tokens will definitely add more depth to the layers of the game as the project becomes more appealing to the gaming community.

DeFi Warrior Presents Partnership With Automatic Venture Group

Automatic Venture Group is connecting crypto enthusiasts through its wide network of channels which reach knows no bounds: token sales, NFTs (sales and games), spot and futures trading, projects‘ overview on Youtube, and last, but not least, are the metaverses that are the real gems right now, so they also are under the radar.

2nd DeFi Warrior Token Burn: Completed

The amount of FIWA burned in the second burn is 5 times higher compared to the first burn. This move represents how the DeFi Warrior is growing a lot stronger, with many activities has taken place around the project that keeps expanding its horizon and bringing in massive revenue: